Thursday, October 30, 2008


Just found this adorable brocade skirt on the Fred Flare website for $48! Really, you just can't beat that. With tights and ballet slippers and some fabulous top? Come ON. Too cute.

Chris Natrop

While browsing one of the Design*Sponge Sneak Peaks this morning I spotted the gorgeous art piece by super talented Chris Natrop. He creates stunningly detailed installations from a single piece of cut paper. Amazing! I love the contrast against the bright colored walls, too. It's amazing what patience and vision some people have!

Mango and Lime

I know these wooden side tables in a variety of shapes are everywhere, but I still love them. Wisteria has this one made of mango wood which I think looks great mixed with a more traditional piece of furniture.

Holidays on the Brain

It's hard to believe that the Holidays are just around the corner. This morning I've been browsing the Wisteria website and came across this adorable twist on an advent calendar. For $59 I think it's a great gift idea for anyone with kids.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chrome and Cane

This set of 1970s chrome and cane chairs are up for grabs at 1st Dibs. They remind of the chairs we had at our kitchen table growing up, but somehow I think these are much nicer. For $4000 I can relive that memory.

Too much to ask for?

Would it be over the top to expect this under the tree this year? The 1954 Porsche Speedster convertible is a true classic. Rodger bought one for Rachel so why can't I have one too?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Frei Designs

Uber feminine and totally wearable. I love these new Spring designs from local clothing designer Annie Novotny. She is an Art Institute grad and uses sustainable fabrics, vegetable-based dyes, and recycled materials in her latest creations. Frei Designs can be found at Pivot on West Fulton Market.

Hudson Jeans

More great press! I found this review of Winifred Grace jewelry on the Hudson Jeans blog. Thanks, Hudson!

Suzanne Kasler

I know I might be biased having grown up in the South, but this Atlanta-based interior designer really nails it. Her use of color is incredible and I love how she incorporates artwork in to her rooms. Check out more of her talent right here.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hejfina Showroom

Speaking of Modernism, Hejfina Showroom is a Chicago venue that showcases the work of local furniture designers. This platform bed is like an island of its' own. Too bad it would never work in my current apartment!

Jet Set

Check out this amazing house in one of the recent episodes of Mad Man's second season. Divine. After doing a little bit of research I think I've discovered it is a Pierre Koenig design. Check out this link for more information and images on his design.

Mad Men

I'm totally hooked. Have you been watching? The characters are all totally flawed and totally captivating. Not to mention their stunning wardrobes!

Giorgio Armani Spring 2009

Another show stealer. This is something I could totally see myself wearing. Love the pocket!

Dolce and Gabana Spring 2009

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. And so Springy!

Lutz and Patmos

My good friend JC just finished building out the new Lutz and Patmos e-commerce site. While checking out the super clean site design and easy navigation, I came across this gorgeous "coat". Perfect for the chill that's setting in! Congratulations, JC!

New for Holiday!

Here is a peak at one of the newest pieces from Winifred Grace for Holiday. . . Just in time!

Thread Social

'Tis the season! New Thread Social lovelies at Jake!

Yee Gads!

It's been way too long since I've made an entry. I don't know what to say! Things have been super busy, finishing up Holiday, filling Autumn orders, and scheduling that long awaited photo shoot with Gintas! Finally, I have a few photos I can share! It's amazing how quickly the day flew by, but everyone who helped out was amazing, including Lissa on Maxwell, Jake, P45, and Kaveri for their generous clothing loans!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anthropologie flats

How cute are these with tights and a skirt? At Anthropologie for $128.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Every time I try to visit this new store on Halsted it's closed! From what I can tell it is a stunning space with equally unique objects and furniture. If you are near 521 N. Halsted, stop by and see if you can catch them!

Erica Shires Photography

The beautiful photographs you saw featuring the Fall 2008 Erica Tanov collection were taken by Erica Shires. Her images are nostalgic, unexpected, and a little bit haunting. Just do yourself a favor and go to her website. The number of beautiful photos are too many to post here!

Winifred Grace is now available online at! Thanks, Nadine!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Valerie Hammond

I would wear these if I could. Valerie Hammond creates these beautiful dresses from relief printed lithograph, thread and paper. They are on exhibit now at Garson Baker Fine Art in New York.

Wegner Wishbone

And who wouldn't want one of these Wegner Wishbone dining room chairs? How about 8?


Even though they've been around for a while, I still want one of these beautiful lotus chandeliers.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Erica Tanov

Don't you think these clothes by Berkeley based designer Erica Tanov would look amazing with those Vogel custom-made riding boots? Her timeless designs can be found specifically at Sweet William in Hinsdale, Illinois. And, for the record, Sweet William also happens to carry Winifred Grace. (What do you know?)

Vogel Custom Boots

I might learn to ride side saddle just so I could have an excuse to buy myself a pair of these custom made riding boots. Aren't these too pretty to wear in the dirt and mud? Check out other glorious shoes and boots at

Tila March at Mick Margo

Mick Margo is a fabulous store in New York that picked up Winifred Grace this past Spring. This Fall they picked up a scrumptious line of handbags out of France called Tila March. The suede is like butter, and just look at these colors! You can see more Tila March styles here, or purchase this bag on the Mick Margo website here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Clyde Butcher

As the days grow shorter, and the grim days of winter approach, there are only 2 things that help me survive. 1) Knowing that the long, warm days of Summer are my reward, and 2) periodic visits to Naples, Florida. As soon as I step off the plane I feel 20 pounds lighter, 10 years younger, and instantly inspired. A super talent in the Naples area is photographer Clyde Butcher. Derivative of Ansel Adams, his work takes on a deep meaning as it was born from the of mourning his son's death. Visit his site to view more inspiring photos, or if you are in the area visit his studio.

Style Icon

I was recently asked who my "style icon" is. Cate Blanchett, while maintaining her status as an unbelievable actress, also manages to maintain a very unique style. She's always stunning, and willing to take risks. Sometimes she absolutely nails it, and other times she is a miss. But no matter what, she does it with porcelain elegance and confidence.

Up In the Air Somewhere

I first read about this talented artist on Design*Sponge, and then recently saw her work in person at the Renegade Craft Show. Susan Dwyer of Up In the Air Somewhere is a Chicago-based artist who creates these ever so subtle, ever so light and airy paper and ceramic objects that really do look as if they could float. You can view her entire collection and online store here.

Lanvin RTW Spring 2009

Highlight from the Lanvin Spring 2009 Ready to Wear Collection. Love everything about this!

Monday, October 6, 2008

More 1st Dibs

This couch would be nice for clients to sit on in my studio while they sip wine (white) and watch me make jewelry at my cool new desk.

1st Dibs

I would love to make jewelry at this desk all day long. 1st