Friday, September 19, 2008

Something Different Every Day

In an effort to be more inspired, think outside the box, and live life a little more fully, I have decided that every day for the rest of my life (or until for some reason I can't) I'm going to do one thing that I've never done before. Or, I'll do something I've done before but just do it differently.

Tonight I did something I've never done before, and may never do again. I went to an informational meeting about the NYU Stern Business School. Let's just say it got my brain thinking about lots of things. Moving to New York (yea). Being in $150,000 worth of debt (yikes). Taking the GMAT (yowza). Being in school again (yipee). Two years of mandatory finance classes (yuk). It made me think about my business in a long term scope, how it might change, and how I might be able to use my experience in this business to start another business some day. It's all VERY hypothetical, but I enjoyed the experience none the less. Oh, and I was definitely, without a doubt, the oldest person in the room.

Tomorrow I think I'll head to the Garfield Park Conservatory.

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