Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vionnet, Los Angeles

3 years ago I took a scouting trip to Los Angeles with my very first assistant, the amazing Sarah Blue! We came across a magical store in West Hollywood on Robertson called Vionnet. It is a very girly, very french, very stylish boutique that carries an interesting mix of designers. Her selection is well edited: meaning, if you see it, like it and it's in your size, GRAB IT! It won't be around for long and once it's gone, you most likely won't see it again. I remember the feeling when I first walked in to the store was that I had just come across a hidden treasure box - a gallery of beautiful objects that you could actually wear! All that being said, I'm super proud to announce that Winifred Grace will now be available at Vionnet alongside Iosselliani and Vera Wang's avante-garde jewelry collection. Unfortunately, Vionnet does not have a website but she does have a blog www.vionnetla.blogspot.com so you can check out some of the items available in the store. And if you're in Los Angeles, check it out in person!

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